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On Gran Canaria you can have a very nice vacation, with much sun and bathing, and absolutely no stress. The Sun is almost guaranteed, you’ll get excellent Food, lots of Pleasure, Shopping and many Sports Activities – on Land on the Water. Beautiful Sand-Beaches, many exciting Restaurants, Well kept Golf-courses, Water sport Centres, Shopping Centres and delicious Seafronts.

Gran Canaria is the third largest island of all the Canary Islands, after Tenerife and Fuerteventura. Gran Canaria has the largest population of all Canary Island. Located between Tenerife and Fuerteventura in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, Gran Canaria covers an almost circular area of 1,560 square kilometres and its most outstanding features are the ravines which come down from the central peaks, which are over 2.000 m high, to the shore.

It was on Gran Canaria the big Tourist Adventure began, first in Las Palmas, but later on most of the Tourism moved South to places, where the Sun could be counted on. There is no other place with such an eloquent variety of little known scenery. There are desert and sandy areas as well as mountains with lush, tropical vegetation.

In Gran Canaria, the steep cliffs of El Puerto de la Nieves and de la Aldea together with the rugged ravines of Tirajana, Moya and Azuaje alternate with pleasant valleys where thousands of banana-trees grow and which - like the Arucas - gently descend towards the sea. Gran Canaria is often described as a "continent in miniature" because it has so much variety to offer.  Beginning by La Cumbre (a 2.000 m peak) with its granite masses of El Roque Nublo, nature has provided for all kinds of scenery, where plants from Europe, Africa and America grow (the Tamadaba pine forests, Los Tilos - lime-trees -, the El Monte vineyards, the coffee plantations at Agaete, palm forests, banana trees, almond trees, sugar cane and tomato crops).

TeamCanaria Buyers Agents on Gran Canaria - Make Your Dream Come True

The Islanders have made the most of the potential of Gran Canaria. In the tourist resorts of the south, the extensive Maspalomas coast has many leisure facilities: water parks, woodlands with exotic birds flying free, underwater spectacles, yacht marinas, golf courses, etc. A few kilometres away, is the other face of Gran Canaria - small towns and villages that have conserved their history. Some of the most beautiful of these towns are Arucas with its popular cathedral that lifts its Gothic spires to the sky, Telde with its labyrinth of steep alley ways, Mogán with its white buildings amidst the bright coloured flowers, and Teror a pilgrimage town with its beautiful cathedral.

Here Christmas Flowers and Bougainvilleas grow as big bushes, and Clematis climbs the Walls, and where Fig Cactus and Agaves stands side by side. Or you can take a Trip along the steep West Coast, or a Trip to the middle of the Island, 1949 m above Sea level.

If you have a 2 Week Vacation – or more, it could be an adventure to visit one of the other Canary Islands, and Ferries and Planes are leaving to the other Islands on a daily basis from Las Palmas and Agaete.  When leaving in the morning, it is possible to be back the same Day – but you can find opportunities to stay the Night, direct from the Street. The smaller Islands are not so stamped by Tourists, so the possibilities of a different Vacation than you will find on one of the bigger Islands are great. Tickets to the other Islands are not expensive, so this type of Vacation is cheap.


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